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Monday, May 27, 2019
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St Michael's is the perfect beach to run competitions. The crowd were fully involved with the Miss Mini Coca Cola, giving the girls lots of support when some of them shed a few tears due to the nerves. Everyone enjoyed the Treasure Hunt, as they dug in the ground for differenet coloured balls according to their team colour. The Beach Olympics was also very entertaining, going right down to the wire as we had to add an extra event to separate the "Eagles" from the "Awesome Beach Bunch".


Another beautiful day with a cloudless sky and very little wind. Today's beauty pageant was won by Chane Klopper, showing the judges that she has what it takes to become a future model. The Volleyball was won by a local team called "The Bankies". Many guys entered the Tug-of-war challenge with one team winning both rounds in the best of three. We ended off today with an exciting Mini-cricket Competition between Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka winning the match by a massive 24 runs.


Today was incredibly entertaining! We began with a Miss Coca Cola Superteen beauty pageant, that saw Concetta Trepow walk away with the winning prize. The "St Michael's Got Talent show was a huge success. Highlights included a solo rendition of Justin Bieber's "Baby", a ballet routine, soccer tricks and a Michael Jackson dance impression. This was followed by a very exciting relay race between "Egg Hunters" and "Blue Bulls" in the final event of the day - "Easter Egg & Spoon Race". The "Egg Hunters" won the competition 2-1.


Despite the overcast weather and smaller amount of people on the beach, we still had a great time. An addition to the day's programme was a Touch Rugby tournament. The final was hotly contested between the "Vaalies" and the "Locals", and was eventually won by the "Vaalies". The kids had a wonderful time sculpting their original works of art, as they built sandcastles. The Volleyball was won by "Mixed Grill" who knocked out team "Superman" in the final. The day ended with an extremely exciting Carnival Fun Hour where boys and girls entered into a variety of different challenges. This involved Push-ups, tug-of-war, and Down-downs for the boys, with Rope Skipping and Hula-Hooping for the ladies - plus loads of other relays and activities. Time at St Michael's was well-spent and we look forward to the next visit at this beach.


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