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Monday, May 27, 2019
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Today was incredibly windy! We kicked off the Scottburgh leg with a Carnival Fun Hour where the boys competed in some close games of "Push-ups", "Bat & Ball", and "Down Downs", and the girl's "Limbo", "Skipping rope" and "Hula-hoops". All the touch rugby teams were determined to win the prize, with the "Barbarians" becoming today's Scottburgh champions. Finally, we hosted the Fun Zone. Two teams of 11 battled it out in the relays. From ball dribbling, piggy-back hopscotch, bucket run & hula skip to wheel barrow, vuzuzela ball and tug of war, there was never a dull moment. Even though "Team Dynamite" won the last challenge 2 - 1, the "Beach Eagles" were victorious with a 7 - 1 score.


The on and off drizzle throughout the morning almost forced us to cancel today's programme, however we stuck it out and had a great time with the people on the beach. The Volleyball was won by the "Outsiders" in a close final. The beauty pageant for girls between 13 - 18 was well supported by the crowd and the contestants, with Elma Janse van Rensburg being crowned Miss Scottburgh. Unfortunately we had very few entrants for the Scottburgh's Got Talent which was postponed to maybe another day, but the Easter Egg & Spoon Race was a huge success. Team Coca were the proud winners in this fast-paced relay challenge. We finished just in time before the wind picked up and rain came down heavily.


Today's Sandcastle building competition was a sight to see! With more than 10 castles to choose from, our judge Lisa from JHB had a difficult time deciding who to give the winning prize to. Eventually we agreed on giving prizes to the top three contestants. The winners created a first of its kind, Coca Cola Crab Castle. The volleyball was won by Two and a Half Men in a very exciting final against Take 2. We had to end the Fun Zone early because of the sudden rain and wind, but not before the girls had some quick fun in the bucket run, and the boys in the Capture the Pole challenge. Both races involved running into the sea, which provided great entertainment for the crowd.



A beautifully sunny day greeted us on arrival with masses of holiday-makers setting up wherever they could find space. The last Volleyball tournament to be played on this beach was won by Paramore against the GP's. The Touch Rugby tournament was won by The Quiksilvers 2 - 0 against long standing local champions, the Barbarians. Unfortunately fierce winds and then rain resulted in us having to pack up early, also causing damage to some of our equipment. Only three days left of the tour as we get ready for Ramsgate tomorrow.



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